Why Hydrogen Energy?

The limitations of fossil fuels and the negative effects of their end products on the environment make it necessary to turn to alternative energy sources.

With its advantages, it is inevitable to use hydrogen as a future energy source among renewable energy sources.

Fuel cells technology (PEM), which enables the production of electrical energy from hydrogen, is ready, but is developing a little more day by day.
Hydrogen is clean and harmless to the environment in all areas used to meet the thermal energy requirement.

When the energy systems that require the use of hydrogen as a fuel are examined among these areas, it is seen that the product thrown into the atmosphere as waste is only water vapor. This shows that hydrogen is an energy carrier that does not pose a problem for the environment.

Why Hydrogen Energy?In addition, hydrogen is an average of 1.33 times more efficient fuel than petroleum-based fuels. The energy obtained with 1 kg of hydrogen is equivalent to the energy obtained from 2.8 kg of oil or 2.1 kg of natural gas. However, the volume occupied by hydrogen per unit energy is high.

The most abundant of the known compounds of hydrogen in nature is water. Also hydrogen; Compared to natural gas and gasoline, it positively affects global climate changes with a 95% reduction in carbon dioxide and air pollutants with toxic effects, a 30% reduction in air pollutants due to nitrogen oxide emissions, and an 80% reduction in hydrocarbon-based air pollution emissions.

In summary, the use of hydrogen-based energy sources provides great benefits to both the environment and the country’s economy.

Well, if it has so many advantages, why is it still not widely used?

One of the obstacles to the use of hydrogen in fuel cells is hydrogen; transportation, storage and high cost of fuel technology.

In addition to the advantages it provides, the transportation and storage of hydrogen poses a problem due to the fact that it occupies a lot of volume.

Its transportation and use in gaseous form causes safety hazards, and its transportation and use in liquid form causes additional costs.

Hydrogen is currently used as a gas. This situation increases fuel technology due to additional costs.

Unfortunately, this hinders the widespread use of hydrogen fuel technology.

Writer: Yusuf Enes Işık

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