Charlie Chaplin Kimdir? Hayatı Hakkında Bilgi

Who is Charlie Chaplin? Information about his life

Charlie Chaplin, one of the world famous names of cinema, has been one of the names that many people follow as a fan with his personality and success in his career. Especially portrayed Charlo character is highly adopted. The famous actor, who was born on April 16, 1889, not only did his success in cinema, but also made efforts in many areas. In addition to the acting profession; It is possible to see it as a writer, director or composer.

The actress, who met the audience at a very young age in the movie scenes, had an extremely difficult childhood. While the separation of his mother and father is one of the biggest factors in this issue, his loss of his mother too early made his life even more difficult. Having to live with a father who constantly drinks alcohol caused him to sleep on the streets from time to time.

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Although he is a famous actor and much has been written about him, some unknowns about Charlie Chaplin make him more curious. His blue eyes are not very obvious, especially because his films are black and white, and this information is among the information that even many fans do not know. Bilgihanem In this article we prepared for its readers, Charlie Chaplin’s life You will learn about the information you have not heard before.

Charlie Chaplin Kimdir?

Charlie Chaplin, who is known as one of the silent heroes of cinema, has managed to integrate with the character of Charlo in a short time and has taken place with this character in the perception of many viewers. April 16, 1889 Chaplin, who came to the world in history, is a valuable name who has managed to make us smile with his clown character and bowler hat.

Real name Charlie Spencer Chaplin The famous name had a very difficult life before entering the world of cinema. The successful name, who lost his mother at a young age, even had to stay on the streets from time to time. Chaplin is one of the most important artists of the 19th century.

In addition to having a large fan base, he became an artist that some segments did not like because of his political view and the different ideas he staged. This situation often even caused the successful player to be exposed to smear campaigns. Even though his marriages and his weakness for women were tried to be prevented from his artist personality, Chaplin continued to do what he loved without compromising his solid stance.

Charlie Chaplin’in Hayatı

British origin and Charlie Chaplin, who was born in London, lived a life that was considered the poorest stratum in the city where he lived. Her mother is Hannah Harriet Pedlingham Hill and her father is Charles Chaplin. Born as the only child of his parents, the family life of the artist was short due to his parents divorced at a young age. Chaplin, who started staying with his stepbrother, lived a very poor life in London.

She had her first stage experience when she was only 5 years old and her mother Lily Harley He sang and danced with him. Immediately after this experience, her mother lost her voice and it was very bad for them. The economic downturn caused her mother to go through a mental depression.

After that, after his mother was admitted to the hospital, Charlie returned to his father and stepbrother. However, the fact that his father lived with his mistress and was an alcoholic caused the famous artist to spend his youth on the streets.

Having had a troubled childhood and youth, Chaplin was unfortunately unable to continue his education life. The famous name, who only went to school for a short time, followed his parents’ path and started working in theaters.

First stage experience The Eight Lancashire Lads dance troupe when he was 9 years old. A few years later, he joined the band Sherlock Holmes, touring the country with this group for a while.

American director in 1913 Mack Sennett and signed a business agreement with Keystone Studios. In 1914 Being Like Living He officially entered the world of cinema with the one-reel film named.

The young name, who often improvises while performing his acting, has a unique style, has been noticed and loved in a short time. He has appeared in 35 films during his time at Keystone Studios.

The famous artist, who never gave up the silent cinema style, decided to try other cinema methods years later and founded his own company. He made many successful films in the company he founded in 1918.

Since the subject of his films is generally critical of the USA and capitalism, he is thought to have a communist mindset. In the face of many criticisms about him in 1952 He had to leave the USA.

Charlie Chaplin, who is known as a good father as well as his art life, wrote a very emotional letter to his daughter, who was born in 1944. Geraldine, who had her first experience with the Stage Lights movie staged by her father, started to dream of becoming an actress like her father. Thereupon Charlie Chaplin wrote a letter to his daughter Geraldine. While advising her daughter about acting in her letter, she did not neglect to write how much she loved her.

The master player, who has been married four times, has eleven children in total. To get money from Charlie Chaplin’s relatives, the thieves stole the famous actor’s coffin. However, they were caught after 11 days. After this incident, Chaplin’s coffin was buried approximately 182 meters below the ground and on the concrete floor. He was exiled after his refusal to become an American citizen and chose to live in Switzerland for the rest of his life.

Chaplin, who clearly expressed his leftist view in the films he wrote and directed, and was not afraid of this, although he was criticized by some, he could not prevent his cinema career and the Oscar award. So much so that he returned to America again to receive his award in 1972.

Chaplin, who takes part in unforgettable movies and has a very different acting talent, December 25, 1977 died on his date. We should all adopt Chaplin’s words, who left behind many beautiful and meaningful words; “The day you don’t smile is a lost day.”

Movies starring Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin, who marked his time with his numerous films, continues to be one of the protagonists of the movies that are watched with great interest today. Riveting his success in acting with his directing and composing identities, the artist has always seen the advantages of being a versatile personality in the world of cinema.

Although he had his first experience with the film Being Like Living, which was staged in 1914, he managed to make a tremendous impact. The same year the character of Sharlo appeared Children’s Auto Racing in Venice He has doubled his success with the silent movie called. This movie has a special significance for Chaplin’s movie character. Because we all know and watch fondly Şarlo (Charlot) character was born in this movie for the first time.

Children’s Auto Race in Venice, which lasts 11 minutes (Kid Auto Races at Venice) In his movie, he won the admiration of the audience with his bowler hat, cane, big shoes and wide trousers. Later, when Chaplin was mentioned, the first character that came to mind was Charlo.

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In 1917, he gained his first directorial experience. Immigrant He sat in both the director and the lead role in his work. The movie, which includes names such as Eric Champell and Edna Purviance, was shot and released under extremely difficult conditions.

After that, he appeared before the audience as the director and actor of many films. His films such as Yumurcak, Gold Rush, Modern Times, A King in New York and Hostess from Hong Kong have attracted a lot of attention in his time and are among the movies that are still ageless today.

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