What is Mythomania (Lying) Disease?

Recently, there has been a great increase in psychological disorders. The biggest causes of these disorders are; social pressure, extreme stress and anxiety. Depending on these, very different disorders occur from each other.

mythomania; It is the name given to the disease in which people who lie without any social interest are caught. Mythomaniacs lie constantly and generally do not forget these lies. It has been observed that a mythomaniac patient lies even when saying his own name. In general, it has been proven by science that people who commit fraud have mythomania.

What is Mythomania (Lying) Disease?What is Mythomania?

Mythomania is a lying disease and is a diagnosis given to people who lie constantly. People who have this disease are also called ‘Mitoman’. Mythomans tell various lies to gain attention and place in society. These lies continue and eventually turn into an inextricable situation. In general, this disease is seen in people who are excluded by society. People tell lies to gain a place in society and to be liked by everyone. They lie again so that these lies do not come out.

Mitomans, who make a habit of lying, lose control after a while. They begin to believe all the lies they tell themselves. They convey an event that has not happened to people as if it had happened. Later on, they begin to believe the lies they tell as if they were true.

Those who lie constantly do not realize that it has escalated to the level of a disease. For this reason, they do not need treatment in any way. Convincing the mitomans to treatment by the environment is extremely important for their health. Because mythos may attempt suicide in the future.

What Does Someone With Mythomania Do?

Someone with mythomania constantly lies. So much so that these people promise themselves and their environment that they will not lie. However, they continue to lie by not keeping this promise. Mythomaniac patients build their entire lives on lies and think that they will live with these lies.

Who Gets Mythomania?

Mythomania is most common in young people today. The biggest reason for this is that young people cannot prove themselves to the society. Young people resort to lies in order to gain a place in society and to be liked more by the environment. They always talk about something that didn’t happen. As a result, they suffer from mythomania.

The general age of contracting mythomania is 16. Young people with this disease may not realize that they are sick at first. They even begin to believe the lies they tell themselves. But when they reach the age of 22, they realize that everything is built on a lie and that everything around them is fake.

Does Mythomania Link the Disease to Schizophrenia?

Mythomania can become an extremely dangerous disease if left untreated. So much so that these lies progress and the myths begin to live a false life. As a result, the fear of being exposed to lies begins to take hold. People who have these fears start thinking all the time. As a result, OCD becomes inevitable. However, later on, patients with Mythomania develop Schizophrenia.

Is There a Treatment for Mythomania?What is Mythomania (Lying) Disease?

There is a cure for mythomania, and patients with treatment show improvement. People suffering from mythomania should first see a psychologist. Afterwards, treatment is started with the ‘psychotherapy’ method. Medication and psychotherapy are used jointly in the treatment of mythomania.


Writer: Sinan Karadas

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