What is Leaf Porcelain (Lamina)?

Leaf Porcelain Lamina It is also known as a porcelain tooth process among the people, the process is generally the name given to a dental coating process that provides the correction of the deteriorated forms of the front teeth and the desired beautiful-looking, bright, beautiful sparkling smile. This process is based on repairing tooth surfaces that are worn out due to external factors by correcting them with porcelain veneer.

How is Leaf Porcelain (Lamina) Made?

Lamina treatment, also known as porcelain teeth, is generally performed without damaging the tooth and the original structure of the tooth. This process is an aesthetic procedure based on reshaping the distorted color and forms of the anterior teeth, which beautifies the external appearance. Since the procedure is a process with long stages, it is recommended that patients patiently wait for the beautiful and radiant smile to emerge.

Covering the tooth with Lamina starts with measuring the teeth first. After the measurements and necessary preliminary preparations are made, the tooth is examined in detail with the meticulousness of an aesthetic surgeon and sculptor. Lamina veneers are produced to fit these teeth. Before these porcelain coating materials, which are specially prepared as a result of long processes, are permanently attached to the tooth surfaces, it is checked whether there is a change in the dimensions of the tooth and if there is no change, the veneers are permanently coated on the tooth. Special and durable adhesives are permanently adhered to the tooth surface with the adhered veneers, rays and technological equipment.

When all these processes are over, the teeth are photographed and checked to check how the process is on the tooth and to see the difference before and after the procedure. For more detailed information about leaf porcelain (Lamina) for your oral health and aesthetics nispetident.comYou can get information and appointments from specialist dentists in .

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