Eroin Nedir? Tarihçesi, Kullanım Alanları ve Zararları Nelerdir?

What is Heroin? What Are Its History, Uses and Losses?

Used with pain relief feature in history heroin It is a chemical substance with very high addiction properties. It is made using a chemical morphine extracted from the dried extract of the poppy plant. While this substance is used in the production of drugs such as heroin, it is harmful for health, but it has life-threatening risks.

Various poisons are added to the substance that is used as a useful medicine and it is turned into a narcotic substance. Unfortunately, the number of people using such substances in our society is quite high. Efforts should be made so that its users can start treatment as soon as possible.

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Treatment is also a very difficult and long process. In this process, patients suffer extreme deprivation, during these attacks they can harm themselves and their environment. Treatments should be carried out in safe places and fully equipped institutions.

What is Heroin?

What is Heroin with the Shortest Introduction? Heroinis the heaviest and most dangerous form of drugs. It is used by intravenous administration. Heroin substance obtained from opium flower, MesopotamiaIn BC. It has been grown since 3400. In the 19th century, the activity of the chemical analysis of opium was determined and it was found to be dependent on codeine and morphine.

Its raw material is used in drug production in many medical fields. Morphine It is extracted from poppy extract and the chemicals produced are used to make drugs such as heroin, diamorphine and methadone. Trying heroin, which is very addictive, even once will stimulate the body’s desire to use it again later. In other words, we can say that it ranks first among other drugs in terms of the risk of developing addiction.

The effect is usually between 4-6 hours, when the substance is used continuously, the body develops tolerance against it. In other words, the body that wants to see the same effect wants to use it continuously and in higher doses. If the addict cannot use the game withdrawal syndrome lives and has some health problems, especially mental disorders.

How to Use Heroin? What are the effects?

What Are the Uses of Heroin? Heroin, which is generally used by intravenous injection, can also be taken into the body by mouth or nose extraction. The reason why the intravenous injection method is most preferred is that it acts in a short time. Well known for being addictive and darkening many lives How does heroin work on the body?

First of all, we should say that the effects are both physical and psychological. The user feels relaxed, relaxed and slightly lethargic. When the brain reaches this point, it experiences feelings of laughter, joy or happiness together. The pleasure he receives increases his desire to use heroin over and over again.

After a while, he loses control completely and he experiences serious mental disorders when he is not using the substance. The effect of the substance used in very small amounts, such as milligrams, is seen within seconds and euphoric feelings awakens. Euphoria in the field of psychiatry; It is a state of feeling joyful, anxiety, anxiety and sadness for no reason.

The effect of heroin used to dosage and degree of purity It depends. For example, chalk powder, powder or a white powder is mixed with the illegally traded substance. Since these mixtures will reduce the purity of the substance, the effect will be relatively low. However, the main dangerous part is the amount of the dose taken. As the dose taken increases, oxygen cannot reach the tissues.

If overdose is taken, vomiting, sweating, breathing difficulties, coma and even death may occur. After using a very small amount and the feeling of instant relief passes, hot and cold sweating, sneezing and tiredness may be felt.

What Are the Harms of Heroin?

What Are the Harms of Heroin? Immediately after the use of heroin, it gives the person a feeling of vitality. The most serious effect is that it causes death in case of overdose. This is why many people in the world is losing his life. People cannot understand how effective and dangerous they are until they start using it.

The heroin substance is often mixed with dangerous poisons such as starch, quinine, and puffer. Even under-used heroin, due to the unknown ingredients overdose effect can create and cause death. Heroin, which affects the central nervous system, causes mental confusion in users.

As a result of its use, breathing begins to slow down and may reach a level that is not sufficient. Those with veins that have been injured after frequent use may experience skin infections and boils as they inject heroin. With the joint use of needles and avoiding hygiene, the possibility of catching the hepatitis virus arises.

Because heroin disrupts a person’s thinking functions, control can be lost in actions. Studies show that the majority of heroin users post-traumatic stress disorder revealed that it was happening. When taken regularly, heroin causes numerous physical and psychological problems as listed below:

    • Fatigue that does not go away for months
    • Spasms
    • Constipation
    • Insomnia
    • Narrowing of the veins
    • Dry mouth
    • Pain in the arms and legs
    • Itching and red skin lesions
    • Depression
    • Difficulty breathing
    • Suicide attempt
    • Intense mental functions
    • Darkness under the eyes
    • Damage to nasal tissue
    • Liver, lung and kidney diseases
    • Instability in walking
    • Irregular heart beat
    • Reduced pupils
    • Difficulty making decisions
    • Sudden mood swings
    • Desire to stay away from family and social situations
    • Uncontrollable leg movements.

What Happens with Heroin Withdrawal?

What Happens with Heroin Withdrawal? Above, we talked about the short and long-term effects of the substance in question and the damages it causes in the body. But besides these withdrawal syndrome There are things that happen during the crisis moments we call.

When the person goes into heroin withdrawal, they experience severe muscle and bone pain, diarrhea, vomiting, uncontrollable leg movements, nausea, aggression and irritability. In times of crisis with restlessness, sleep problems, and mental breakdowns, an excessive desire to use heroin arises.

Indicating that withdrawal syndrome is entered symptoms; High fever, chills, sweating, dilated pupils, muscle spasms, yawning, eye and nose discharge, excessive stagnation, difficulty in walking are experienced.If the person has decided to treat and stopped using the substance completely, these problems, especially insomnia, may continue for months.

How Is Heroin Addiction Treated?

How Is Heroin Addiction Treated? The first way to get rid of this problem is to accept that the person is addicted and decide to seek help. These two basic steps are a very important beginning for the treatment process. The person who decides to be treated is rehabilitation center must go.

Containing substances such as morphine, codeine and thebaine from opiate (opioid) addiction The doses used by the person who wants to get rid of it are determined. After obtaining the patient’s consent, an appropriate treatment method is prepared and a mixed treatment method, including medical and psychological, is applied. At this point, we would like to remind you that it is not correct to give more detailed information, and we want to touch on the part of the work that ends with the patient.

During the treatment phase, it is recommended that the addict turn to different jobs in order to avoid the idea of ​​heroin. This could be a volunteer help or a new hobby. It will also be helpful to stay away from environments that make you accustomed to the substance, remind you or allow you to use it again.

History of Heroin

History of Heroin;  How Heroin Was Discovered, How Was It Invented? Heroin substance It was first synthesized in 1874 by an English chemist working at the medical school of a university in London. At that time, experiments were being done to combine morphine with various acids. Morphine materials were boiled in an oven for hours.

This is how diacetyl morphine, the more effective acetylated type of morphine, emerged. This component was then sent for analysis at the medical school of a university in Manchester, and the details in the resulting report are explained as follows:

Doses were injected into young rabbits and dogs and as a result fatigue, fear, and drowsiness were rapidly observed. Apart from this, sensitized eyes, increased saliva secretion, tendency to vomiting were observed, but vomiting did not occur. Breath shopping accelerated in the first place and then slowed down. Finally, his heart rate slowed down and started to function abnormally.’’

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Until 1898 and 1910, heroin was marketed as an addictive form under the name morphine. It has also been put on the market as a cough medicine for children in these years. As a result of Germany coming out defeated from the First World War, the registration right of substances such as aspirin and heroin was lost. One in 1914 in the USA senate has been adopted by the aim of controlling the consumption and distribution of heroin.

The law allowed heroin to be prescribed and sold for medical reasons. However, addicts were able to continue to obtain heroin through various methods. In order to prevent this, in 1924, this senate banned the sale, production and import of heroin.

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