Things to Do for a Healthy Life

Throughout human history, we have faced many important issues. Undoubtedly, the concept of health has always been the first among them. We always try to stay healthy, as far as we hear from our parents, who do not know the full meaning of healthy living, and from doctors who pay to appear on television. It is imprinted in our brains that being healthy and staying healthy can only be achieved with certain criteria, such as a single type of diet or running for hours in gyms. But is this really the case?

Some Important Techniques

Health means not only not being sick, but also psychologically and sociologically, that is, the state of mind and body as a whole. One of the most important parts of health is nutrition. We hear and believe that there will be no problems in our body when we eat vegetables and fruits. It is insane to recommend the same diet to 8 billion people in the world who are mentally, physically and culturally different from each other. I am one of those who think that people should be fed by knowing oneself, thinking about the foods that they like or don’t like to eat, and analyzing what they need. As an example, let’s take a brief look at intuitive nutrition as a recently popular topic. Intuitive eating is a form of eating created by listening to and adapting to the physical hunger, satiety and satisfaction signals that the body naturally gives. It only grasps the awareness of how and in what direction food selection should be made. Restrictive diet approaches bring prejudice and obsessive behaviors based on body perception. The aim here is to learn what to eat by being aware of the needs of one’s body without restriction.

Another important topic is sports, in other words, movement. We have bodies that have evolved according to the conditions they have been in for millions of years and have become today. With these bodies, nowadays, with the influence of digital life, we have switched to a ‘seated’ lifestyle. Continuous exercise of the mind and not moving the body, of course, invites many diseases and puts us in a series of imbalances. It becomes inevitable that these imbalances will lead us to anxiety, obesity, depression and even suicide over time. Again, taking into account our physical weaknesses and needs, exercising for at least half an hour a day protects us like a set against these diseases and imbalances.
We all have different height, different weight, different bone muscle and hormone structures. But by looking at our basic biology, we can say that the exercises that will be most beneficial to us are high intensity intermittent training. Currently, continuous and heavy exercises in gyms do not relax us, but also damage our muscles, bones and joints in the long term. Examples of these high-intensity interval exercises are 4 minutes of jogging, 4 minutes of walking or stretching exercises such as yoga.

Be Measured, Know Yourself!Things to Do for a Healthy Life

Being in moderation can often be challenging. It is important to find out what is in the “too much” and what is in the “not enough” category and strike the right balance between them. For this, we must observe ourselves frequently, examine ourselves, and always pay attention to the warnings from inside.
It is the most important criterion that will bring us maximum benefit together with the permanent positive changes we make, making every step we take to live better, making it a habit. It will never be easy to start a new behavior. Procrastination is the biggest stone in our path.
Living by knowing our own body, adopting a lifestyle according to his will and support (both nutrition and exercise) means being healthy. Let’s listen to ourselves first, listen to what we want!

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