Should You Wear a Face Mask When Running Outside?

Face masks have become a normal part of life and now everyone (the majority) is aware that they should be worn in public places. In addition, wearing a mask is a mandatory application. However, the answer is not always clear when to wear it while running or playing sports. In this article, information on when the face mask rule applies to runners and when it is appropriate to wear it in accordance with an article prepared by sports medicine expert Caitlin Lewis.
In today’s coronavirus epidemic, almost everyone sees pictures of crowded parks and paths, crowds of people gathered together, pictures of those who gather and participate in different activities. In addition, some of the people in these crowded environments pay attention to the use of masks, while others act as if this epidemic did not exist and do not wear a mask.
Because of the attitudes of these reckless people, your right has gone all over the world and frustrates the efforts of those who struggle by giving up their lives. Dr. According to Lewis, people generally wonder whether they should wear a face mask when they run outside and raise questions about it. The answer to this question they wonder depends on where you run.
Some states and cities in the United States have published their own specific requirements for face masks, so they should consult with local health authorities first. But whether or not you really wear a mask depends on where you live and where you plan to run.Should You Wear a Face Mask When Running Outside?
As a general rule, a face mask should be worn when running in an area where physical distance is difficult to maintain. Dr. Lewis points out that a mask should be worn if the running place is an environment that requires passing by other people or getting into a crowd. But if it’s an environment where there are occasional other runners or dog walkers, or if the neighborhood is running alone, he says there is probably no need to wear a face mask. Instead, one should be careful when crossing the crossing to avoid getting too close, or be at least six feet away from the other person.
The same rule applies to other outdoor activities such as hiking or cycling. However, it should be kept in mind that wearing a face mask will never replace social distance. Considering the use of a mask reduces the likelihood of one’s own respiratory droplets coming into contact with another person. Because these droplets may be carrying the virus and may not have been diagnosed with covid yet. Or maybe it may be one of the asymptomotic carrier people who cannot be diagnosed in the future. If someone else is running or cycling next to a person in a crowded park, wouldn’t anyone want them to pick up these droplets?
The same is true for a person running on an isolated mountain road. Dr Lewis points out that if there is no one beside the person while jogging, that is, he is running alone and there is no one to protect by wearing a mask, so wearing a mask is not really necessary.

How Does a Face Mask Affect a Person’s Running?

If you’re in an area where running or cycling outside requires wearing a face mask, there are a few things to keep in mind. Dr. “A face mask reduces your airflow and makes breathing somewhat difficult,” says Lewis. This is a condition that reduces oxygen levels or maintains carbon dioxide levels. Therefore, the person’s performance or speed at the time of running is likely to be negatively affected.Should You Wear a Face Mask When Running Outside?
It also means that if the person is running with a mask, they may have more difficulty holding their breath. Even if he is in shape, he may feel tired more quickly than usual. Therefore, the pace and intensity of the run may need to be changed. If running forcefully with the mask, this may cause some complaints that will manifest themselves with some symptoms. Symptoms include:
Chest pain.
Dizziness or fainting
• Difficulty or difficult breathing.
If one or more of these symptoms are seen, the mask should be removed after providing a suitable environment for removing the mask. Take deep breaths and sit and rest until breathing returns to normal. You should wait until you are able to walk and continue after you feel good.
Transient low levels of oxygen are usually improved after a short rest and the body tolerates itself. If jogging is preferred to stay fit, sports can be done by observing the above-mentioned mask wearing rules. Regular exercise is one of the important steps in strengthening the immune system and thus combating Covid-19. Just like the benefits it provides in maintaining general health. Therefore, developing healthy living conditions for sports and a balanced diet are important steps for a healthy life.

What Should Be Considered In Face Mask?

Running with a face mask feels unpleasant, like a damp piece of fabric rubbing against the face, especially if it’s cold or wet outside. Dr. “A sweaty or wet mask will be less effective at filtering,” explains Lewis. In addition, the person will be less breathing and will be more uncomfortable. For this, exercise face masks made of moisture absorbent fabric should be preferred. However, it should be noted that these selected masks are not produced from a very thick or restrictive material.
Most working custom face masks are manufactured in the form of a wire or elastic conventionally shaped mask that wraps around the head or ears. The mask should fit snugly and cover the nose and chin. A properly fitted mask will reduce slipping and the need to touch the face. It is also important to keep the running mask clean.
Dr Lewis points out that it is best to have several masks in the running rotation and use a new one each time. Especially if you are going for a long run or someone who sweats a lot, the mask should be changed at least at the age of the run. In addition, before putting on and taking off the mask, hands should be thoroughly disinfected and the mask should be disposed of in a bagged garbage can, if any, as necessary.


Author: Ozlem Guvenc Agaoglu

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