Refrigerator Models That Consume The Least Electricity

Refrigerator models, which are among the indispensable electronic products of living spaces, are developing day by day by offering technologies that make life easier. If it is time for you to renew your refrigerator, it means that you have started researching before buying a new refrigerator. Just as you have basic expectations from a refrigerator, you can also expect different features. If the quality of the compartment, energy consumption, cover features and models offered in different colors cause you to get confused as you research, this article will be very helpful to you. Now let’s look at what you need to look out for to find the best fridge step by step.

Refrigerator Models That Consume The Least Electricity

What are the Types of Refrigerators?

Refrigerator models in the white goods category are basically divided into 3 main groups. These; single-door, double-door and wardrobe-type refrigerator models. However, in some places, you can see it as a new name, divided into left or built-in refrigerator.

Refrigerator Models That Consume The Least Electricity
  • Single Door Refrigerator: It saves space as it does not have large dimensions. These refrigerators, which are very successful in terms of price and performance, are ideal for those who have space problems in their kitchen.
  • Double Door Refrigerator: It is the name given to the general refrigerators in the picture that comes to mind when the refrigerator is mentioned. There are models with the freezer at the top and the cooler at the bottom or vice versa. These refrigerators, which offer a very good space in terms of volume and size, are among the most preferred models.
  • Wardrobe Type Refrigerator: This style of refrigerators consists of two doors side by side. The two compartments are equal to each other. Cooler and freezer sections are located side by side. Wardrobe type refrigerators, which offer large volumes in terms of space, are ideal for large families and those who have space in their kitchen.

What Should Be Considered When Buying A Refrigerator?

Now that we have listed the refrigerator types, it is time to consider the issues you need to pay attention to before buying a new refrigerator.

  • Before choosing a new refrigerator, you need to decide on the size. If you have a compartment for a refrigerator in your kitchen, you must choose a suitable compartment for the size of that compartment. If you are designing a new kitchen household appliances You can be free about it, especially you can choose the refrigerator easily.
  • To provide information, standard refrigerators have a width of 70 cm, XL refrigerators 75 cm, XXL refrigerators 86 cm, and wardrobe type refrigerators on average over 90 cm. From these measurements, you can decide how much food storage capacity you need.
  • The refrigerator, which is the most important part of the kitchen, will be with you for years. For this reason, you need to make a choice that will feel comfortable with you in terms of design and color.
  • The energy consumed by the refrigerator constitutes 10% to 20% of the total electricity you spend in your home. For this reason, it is very important for the family budget to choose models with high energy efficiency.
  • Energy-saving refrigerators are shown in certain degrees. Refrigerator energy classes are briefly as follows; A +++, A ++, A +, A, B, C, D…
  • A +++ energy class refrigerator is the highest energy class. It is the right choice to reduce your energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint. It consumes 60% less energy than A energy class. A ++ refrigerators consume 40% less energy than A energy class, while A + models consume 20% less energy. Choosing refrigerator models that offer energy consumption below A energy class will cause negative consequences in terms of the environment and your budget.
  • It is very important that the refrigerator where you store your food is clean. For this reason, it will be useful to choose models with removable drawers and glass shelves that are easy to clean. As for defrosting, today’s freezer refrigerators benefit from No-Frost technology. This technology prevents ice formation and you don’t have to worry about defrosting.
  • Finally, it will be useful to choose refrigerators that offer special technologies and have special areas for your food. You can examine the extra space for perishable products, compartments for breakfast, special temperature sections for fruits and vegetables, beverage areas and even the models that provide instant status information of your foods thanks to cameras and sensors.

The Best Energy Efficient Refrigerator Models

We have listed the things you need to pay attention to and the types of refrigerators above. Now came to our best refrigerator model suggestions.

Siemens KD56NXWF0N A +++ Fridge

Refrigerator Models That Consume The Least Electricity

Siemens KD56NXWF0N, which offers a total coolant capacity of 563 liters and a net cooler capacity of 41O liters, helps your budget considerably thanks to its A +++ energy class. The model, whose annual energy consumption is only 333 kWh, works with a noise level of 41 dBA. So you almost don’t feel it working.

Beko 674580 EDI A ++

Refrigerator Models That Consume The Least Electricity

Offering a net 400 liter fridge compartment, Beko 674580 EDI is in the A ++ energy class. In addition to being budget-friendly, it offers a very nice appearance in terms of color and design. Fridge compartment fan, 0 degree breakfast compartment, EverFresh + technology, 39 dBA sound level and many more features await you in this model.

Samsung RB56TS754SA A++

Refrigerator Models That Consume The Least Electricity

Offering 411 liters of capacity as a net cooler compartment, the Samsung RB56TS754SA is in the A ++ energy class. The refrigerator, which looks very stylish with its silver design; It has the features of door open warning system, digital control panel, 43 dBA sound level and 350 kWh annual energy consumption.


Refrigerator Models That Consume The Least Electricity

GC-H502HLHU, one of the prominent models of the LG Linear series, offers the opportunity to store food for a long time with Door Cooling, which ensures equal cooling everywhere. The model, which has a capacity of 471 liters, is also very successful with an annual energy consumption of 286 kWh. Differently, many features such as Linear Cooling function, Fresh 0 Zone feature, Multi Air Flow are among the advantages of the model.

Bosch KGN86AWF0N A++

Refrigerator Models That Consume The Least Electricity

Bosch KGN86AWF0N, with a total net volume of 619 liters, is in the A ++ energy class. Annual energy consumption is around 378 kWh. The model, which is in the combi type refrigerator class, has many features. Featured features; It is 2 moisture-controlled VitaFresh drawers, 2 temperature-controlled VitaFresh plus <> 0 ° C drawers, 2 glass plates extendible, 2 butter-cheese compartments, AirFresh Filter, Multi Airflow and removable multi-purpose storage compartment.

Sharp SJ-EX820F-SL

Refrigerator Models That Consume The Least Electricity

If you do not have space problems in your kitchen, this refrigerator is for you; Sharp SJ-EX820F-SL. The model, which is in the A ++ energy class, offers a very comfortable use due to its 4 doors. The refrigerator, which has a net 424 liters of cooler and 254 liters of freezer volume, consumes only 320 kWh of energy annually despite its large volume. Open door alarm, Hybrid cooling system, AG + CU Nano and 36 dBA sound level are some of its prominent features.

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