Production Ideas That Can Be Done With A Laser Cutting And Engraving Machine At Home

Until the last 10 years, nobody had any idea about using a laser machine at home. Such equipment was best used in personal workshops or garages, as they take up a lot of space and operate noisy. Moreover, it was not very attractive to the manufacturer to acquire a complex laser cutting machine, which was quite expensive for an ordinary manufacturer.

Fortunately, in line with the advances and trends of recent years, using a laser cutting and engraving machine at home can no longer surprise few. Such modern appliances for home use are light and compact, so they look very organic even in a living room and are easy to transfer from place to place. In addition, mini machines run quieter than others, which is an important argument for using laser equipment as a source of income.

Modern laser cutting machines They come in a very diverse range in size and price, making them suitable for evaluating any of your hobbies.

Which machine is more suitable for home business?

Small-sized laser machines attract a large consumer segment, so most manufacturers produce at least a few models for desktop use.

One of these companies is the Chinese brand that is ideal for small businesses with quality products, attractive affordable prices and all the offers available in the laser market. Wattsan‘is. Wattsan’s mini machines are suitable for both cutting and engraving non-metallic materials. The operating performance of the devices allows the production of quality products in small and medium volumes.

What can be done in a Wattsan mini laser machine?

The ability of even a small laser machine to work with a large number of materials creates many options for use at home. Here are just a few of them:

Motifs-appliques – Garments, hats, bags, etc. labels or patches on products. They can be cut from denim, wool, felt, lace, leather and artificial leather. In addition, holes can be applied to the fabric gaps, and contour cut holes can also be made.

Appliques made of felt do not require additional edging and are perfect for decorating children’s clothes.

Plywood business cards – Such products look really stylish and are in great demand. The diameter of the laser beam is quite small, so the laser beam can process the smallest text and image nuances, so business cards look high-quality and effective.

By combining engraving and cut-to-length, you can add extra volume to your plywood business card.

Mobile toys They are small figures hung on baby cots. Collectively, such products are made from glossy felt or pastel colored basins. These can be animal figures, birds, flowers, stars and other objects that can attract the attention of the baby. Mobile toys do not require intricate patterns, so making them takes very little time. You just need to cut two identical items, sew them together, leave a small hole and put filler in it. Then you can complete your product by sewing it completely.

The bright and delicate felt mobile toys that rotate smoothly on the bed are an integral part of almost every baby’s crib.

Plywood magnets They are great souvenirs and decorative items. The subjects of magnets to be produced can be very different: humorous writings, cityscapes, human and animal figures, cartoon characters, tableware, etc. In the area where the beam passes through the plywood, a beautiful cut mark of a dark brown shade remains, which provides an effective contour on magnets.

Thanks to its deep woody shades, plywood magnets work well with these variegated products.

Production Ideas That Can Be Made With A Laser Cutting And Engraving Machine At Home

Nameplates and numbers mostly made of plywood or other wood materials. These are signs bearing the names of wardrobe numbers, streets, offices, organizations, as well as flats, offices, buildings, etc. It has a wide range of uses that can be used in making numbers.

Plywood laser cut sheets for entertainment and joke are always in demand.

Postcards – Such products made of paper or cardboard will be a valuable gift for birthdays and anniversaries, as you can cut extraordinarily beautiful things out of paper and cardboard with the help of a laser. Wedding invitations made in this way also look quite impressive.

The laser beam can transform a cardboard sheet into a lace figure, which looks beautiful and elegant especially on wedding invitations.

Engraving of phone cases – It is a very popular work in the use of Wattsan mini machines, because a laser beam is not only a high-precision cutting tool, but also an excellent engraving machine that reprocesses images in the greatest possible detail. Phone cases can be decorated with inscriptions, abstract figures, patterns, motorcycles, cars, real and fantastic animals or birds, buildings and even photographs.

A phone case embroidered with different motifs is one of the best ways to show off your personality and taste.

Bijouterie – It is a beautiful and wide area for the embodiment of creative ideas. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings can be cut from felt and denim, acrylic and plywood, leather and artificial leather and other materials. Every product has its own buyer.

These are just some of the home business ideas you can bring to life with a Wattsan machine. You can expand these ideas as much as you want with your unlimited imagination.

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