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Rack systemsis one of the products we use frequently in our living spaces. We use shelf systems to store our clothes, shoes, bags regularly. Shelf systems are also used for decorative purposes. It is possible to create different and beautiful views by using decorative objects and shelf systems together.

One of the first brands that come to mind when it comes to shelf systems is undoubtedly Modern Raf. Modern rack, shelf systems to be Turkey’s first e-commerce site, thus leading position in the rack system.

Modern Raf; today, textile hanger, garment hanger, shelf hanger, middle stand, tree shelf stand, wire shelf system, wire basket, hook, metal system, market shelf, perforated background, post, shelf arm, u hanger type, plastic product, mannequin, It provides services in shoe rack, tag holder, clothes hanger and hardware categories.

At Modern Raf, you can find all kinds of hangers you are looking for at affordable prices and with the best quality. As you know, shelf systems are not a type of product that is constantly changed and new ones are bought every year. It can only be changed if it is desired to change the decoration, if the existing shelf system is of poor quality or if there is a problem with the product. For this reason, the quality of the product should be the most important factor when purchasing a shelf system. Your expectation from a shelf system; If elegance, affordable prices and quality are, don’t forget to visit

Wire Rack System Models (H2-Sub Header)

Modern Shelf - Shelf Systems

Wire shelf systems are used a lot, especially in the retail industry. If you have a physical store in the clothing sector, you should definitely benefit from wire shelf systems. Due to the tidy image it creates in the store and the convenience it provides to customers, wire shelving system models are frequently used in stores.

Wire shelf systems are also used in stores that sell sports products. There are specially produced shelf systems for hanging small products and placing balls. If you have a shoe store, you can choose the shelf systems that can be mounted on the wall or you can choose the wire shelf systems.

Another area where wire shelf system models are used is telephones. If you have devoted a large part to phone accessories, phone cases, headphones, and chargers in your phone store, you can use wire shelf systems for a neat view.

Modern Shelf Wire Shelf Stands

You can easily find the wire shelf stand you need in Modern Raf. Modern Shelf Octopus stands are ideally suited for underwear stores with their uneven structure. Square wire stands are very suitable for jewelry stores, thanks to the wire hooks that can be attached to them.

In Modern Raf, you can find arch stand, ball stand, corner arch stand, slipper stand, bag stand, circle hanger stand and many more types of wire stands.

Moreover, by examining the product descriptions on the website, you can also choose the product with dimensions suitable for the area you want to use.

Discover the Quality of Stainless Shelving Systems

Unlike wooden shelf systems, corrosion problem can be experienced in wire shelving systems. The reason for this is that sufficient quality materials are not used in the production phase. Modern Raf prevents this problem thanks to the wire shelves produced from high quality and stainless material.

When you buy a stainless shelf system, you will not have to renew the whole store again in the future. A rusty shelf image can damage the image of your store as well as damage the products you offer for sale.

When you buy a wire rack system, you must definitely evaluate the quality of that product. Instead of looking for a long-term high-quality store, you can now go to and choose one of the shelf systems made of stainless material.

Your Life Is Easier With Wall Mounted Shelves

Modern Shelf - Shelf Systems

As we just mentioned, Modern Raf is a brand built on shelf systems. For this reason, it is possible to find the shelf system for your needs in Modern Raf. You can choose one of the metal shelf systems or you can choose one of the wooden shelf systems.

As an alternative to these shelf systems, you can also choose wall-mounted shelf systems. Shelf systems that can be mounted on the wall are suitable for use in both the retail sector and home decoration.

You can choose wall-mounted shelves, especially in homes with small square meters and a lot of items. These shelves both save space and offer an aesthetic appearance. Shelf systems that can be mounted on the wall can also be used as a bookshelf for home decoration.

If you both affordable and quality you need both reliable and aesthetically elegant standing shelving rack systems if Turkey’s first e-commerce site to make shopping which will be quite the right choice.

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