Features of Good Design

Design is an element of obtaining knowledge that is not directly related to objective reality and is established between concepts and perceptions. With a good design, it is very easy to attract the attention of customers or users. For this reason, it is used in a very wide area from industry to kitchen and on everything possible as a method of appealing to wider masses.

The mere implementation of the design may not be enough to increase the quality of the content and the interest in it. The design should definitely be supported by imagination, adapted to aesthetic forms according to the area to be used and processed appropriately. It should not be forgotten that the design is not only the outer appearance of the product. The design determines the usefulness of the product. Of course, our designs inevitably gain a much more complex structure when an immense phenomenon called imagination comes into play. In order to manage this situation well, to create designs that do not cause confusion and appeal to the user, we will talk about the principles known as the highly preferred RAMS principles and have been matched with the word quality over time.

Dieter Rams is a German industrial designer who trained and worked as an architect for several years until he joined electronic device manufacturer Braun. Within a few years, he reached the position he had, the chief design department, and his term of office Features of Good DesignHe designed many iconic devices throughout. He explained the experiences he gained during his professional life with the principles he named himself. These principles created by Dieter Rams mean a lot for modern art.
Many of the products that Rams created with these principles are now seen as modern art monuments and are protected by the Museum of Modern Art in New York, MoMA. The most striking aspect Mr. Rams prioritizes is the simplicity and clarity of his designs. Of course, the features that make his designs so impressive are not limited to these. If we examine the Rams principles, we can better grasp good design.

1 – Good design is innovative.

2 – Good design is Aesthetics.

3 – Good design makes the product useful.

4 – Good design. Unobtrusive.

5 – Good design makes the product understandable.

6 – Good design is Honest.

7 – Good design. Long service life.

8 – Good design is Comprehensive.

9 – Good design Environmentally friendly.

10 – Good design Less design means less clutter.

Mr. Rams designed his designs on these principles, and his work has been talked about even years later. There is no design that we cannot do as our imagination allows by adhering to these principles. With these principles, we can increase the interest in our designs and draw attention to us.


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