Do you need a master? We say the most practical method.

As we all know, our age is now the digital age, and of course, with the trend of technology in this direction, we can say that the COVID-19 pandemic has an important effect on our ability to receive service to our homes in the digital age.

Many people do not look for their needs by visiting stores when they need something, or they do not look at individual stores in which store they are looking for a cheaper product. Nowadays, even if people are going to buy a product from the store, before going to the store, looking at safe sites he makes comparisons according to him and meets his needs in that way.

In such an environment, there is now a situation where home renovation and craftsmanship can be solved by using this advanced opportunity of technology. is one of the best doing this in all of Europe.

Wilio, an enterprise that started its life in Slovakia, is today the largest in Slovakia. We learned that Wilio, which is an attempt to spread all over the world with this size it has achieved, has recently started its publishing life in Turkey and we wanted to see how Wilio works with our own eyes.

We tried it directly and we were surprised with the result.

We had a colleague on our site who needed services from Wilio. After Wilio started to offer its services in our country, Wilio We wanted to directly evaluate the quality of these craftsmanship services offered by our company.

Our friend who lives in Beykoz has a property with a small garden. Since the land next to this garden is empty under normal conditions, he has not felt the need to turn it with a fence. However, the fact that there is a tremendous construction all over the city today, of course, has also affected Beykoz and a new neighborhood has been built next to our friend’s house. As such, a fence was required to separate it from its own area.

Even finding a master who can do this job under normal conditions and showing the house to the master requires a certain cost from place to place. It takes at least 3-4 days for the master to come to see where the job is and then to start the work after some operations, such as stating a cost to you.

Here, Wilio brings you together with the master you need easily using the internet conditions in a sector where it can take a long time to find a master under normal conditions with the system he has established, and he enables this master to see the job and give you a price by using the possibilities of technology.

At this point, Wilio’s commitment to its users is to meet you with a master within 5 minutes in cities with full infrastructure. Wilio can provide all of these services across the country.

As a matter of fact, we started to search for a master from Wilio about the fence that our friend will make. Our category was clear and we searched through the category. However, you can access the service you want directly from the search engine of the site without using a category.

In the system, which allows you to find the master who does his job best in the category you are looking for, with the positive and negative comments and evaluation points he received from his previous jobs, it is also ensured that the masters do not appear to you for reasons such as having another job in the hands of the masters according to the search results you make. This often removes the possibility that a master you have searched and found yourself will have an excuse for you to have another job after talking to you about the job.

In addition, you can reach the master from the job advertisements given by the masters on the site. In addition, the most preferred and the most used system abroad, the customer advertisements and masters application system is another practical way to access the service you are looking for.

We chose the way we mentioned last. We started looking for a master through Wilio’s application. Of course, it is not necessary to search for a master through the application. On the website without the application You can also call the master at and you can do all the procedures we specified. However, since it is easier to realize all these through the application, let’s say we preferred the application.

It happened as they say.

Kadir Usta, who did not have a job, returned to the job post we gave us after 5 minutes as the application promised us. Later, when we talked to him for a little chat after we agreed on the job, he said that they, as masters, have to keep up with the conditions of the age and if such a system exists, why not use it. And so it happened. Nowadays, when we are going through the difficult conditions of the pandemic, it is impossible for people to find masters by visiting individual shops and every need is met on the internet, our master Kadir has also confided in the power of the internet and sought a customer through Wilio, and as a matter of fact, he came across with us.

We sent the photographs of the place where the job will take place to Kadir Usta and informed the details of the job. Kadir Usta, who saw the job, said an approximate cost on the phone for this job. However, he said that the net cost of the work would be possible after coming to the place where the work will be done, seeing it and making his own measurements.

He said he could come to us on the same day if we wish. This fence building seemed to have fallen on his head, too. This opportunity is also given to masters in Wilio. Masters always have the right not to accept jobs that are not in their minds. Because, when it comes to an issue that does not lie on the customers’ minds about the masters, the opportunity to dismiss the hired master whenever they want draws attention as an opportunity they have.

Fortunately, this was not the case in our business and we did a very high quality trade with our Kadir master. Beyond that, we had a nice friendship with Kadir Usta, and a fence master dude was Wilio’s achievement for us.

My first impression of Wilio and then our experience after using the app is completely positive.

Meeting point for masters with expertise in many different subjects

In Wilio, you can easily find a professional for all crafts that require dexterity.

Despite being quite new in the Turkish market, Wilio, who managed to reach many people in a short time, knocked on our door and we took care of our business through Wilio.

We shared the details of this experience and we can no doubt say that we are fully satisfied.

The site, and especially Wilio’s mobile application, is very easy to use. We used the site for our own repair work. However, we had the chance to examine the application afterwards, and I can say that the application is a very successful application both as an interface and as a technical infrastructure.

In short, Wilio draws attention as an application that you can choose without hesitation for a job that needs to be done by a master and where you can easily see your work on the internet.

Don’t be half way through with Wilio, get things done easily.

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