Crime Gene

There are basic teachings that every nation adopts while creating societies. The source of these teachings can be religious beliefs, moral understanding and other human factors. Although these elements may seem different from each other, they are basically there to serve the same thing. Ensuring individual well-being by bringing the society into the ideal order. However, this situation is not as simple as it might seem. Because the entity that poses a threat to the society is also an individual of that society. In fact, the reason that makes things so complicated is that individuals give different feedback to the same system. There were always individuals acting against the order. Science explains this situation in terms of genetics.

Genetics are the combinations we get from our parents that make us who we are. Sometimes special or damaged combinations can be encountered in individuals who harm the structure of the society. We can partly distinguish these special people from attitudes and behaviors in society. They have structures that cannot keep up with society, oppose authority, have no self-control, and have no or no feelings. People with these conditions are often sociopathic (antisocial) and Crime Genethey exhibit a psychopathic state. Traumas, violence and abuse experienced in childhood can cause such personality disorders as can be acquired genetically. However, with good education at the right time, such disorders can become passive and turn into individuals who do not pose a problem for the society.

People with antisocial personality disorder act impulsively and make sudden decisions that can significantly affect their lives. They reproduce faster because they exhibit more impulse-oriented attitudes than normal people. Again, with sudden impulses, they commit simple crimes and later regret.

The situation is quite different for psychopaths. Their pulse rate, appearance, and reaction to an event that is upsetting them are more complex than antisocial. They have a slow pulsation and an appearance that gives the impression of cold, hard and authoritarian. They never forgive mistakes made in subjects they are sensitive to, and they never regret the damage they inflicted as punishment, no matter how serious. But although everything is so precise and serious, they display balanced and calm attitudes at the moment of the incident. After the incident, they constantly think and think about the incident. They create different scenarios in their minds and plan ten steps ahead of events. Being smart and cautious makes them go unnoticed. They set up mechanisms according to their plans and focus on their goals. Achievement of these goals can sometimes take 3 months, sometimes 2 years or even 6 years. Whatever happens, they never give up.

All these organizations and the mental effort spent can sometimes even happen because you accidentally step on their feet. This is all about what stepping on his feet means to him. There are many more examples like this. One of the most important things about psychopaths is that if they are well educated, they can be very good. Today, there are CEOs who can be an example of this situation.

Author: İsra Feza Aglamis

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