Correct Sleep Awareness

Correct Sleep AwarenessOur brain is located in our skull and is protected by very strong bones. It is responsible for meeting and organizing the physical and hinge needs of the body. This organ, whose responsibility is so important and heavy, needs purification in order to continue functioning in a healthy way. Sleep is all that our brain needs to purify, cleanse and have better performance. Sleep is a requirement of the brain, not the body. So do we really have what our brain really needs, the right awareness of sleep? Unfortunately, according to the long-term consequences, we cannot give our brains the purification it needs as it should be. In this case, work / working hours, difficult life conditions and the stress of many responsibilities can be shown as the chief factor. But just as we are forcing our brain to adapt to different life conditions, we must do our best to meet its needs. So let’s examine the situations in which we should be careful about having the right sleep awareness.

With the correct sleeping positions, the time we are exposed to light before and during sleep, Correct Sleep AwarenessIt is completely related to the time we go to bed, whether there is an electronic device in the environment and how many hours we sleep. Sleep is the regeneration and cleansing phase of our brain. It contains the process in which the information cached during the day is taken to the back memory (non-volatile memory). This situation is directly related to our success both in the academic field and in our career life. Good sleep means good performance. So let’s examine in more detail what we need to do for a better performance.

Our brain floats in a liquid. This liquid cleans it. Our lying position, which we change dozens of times during the night, also changes the state of our brain in this fluid. Although the most correct lying position is lying to the right, lying on your back can be considered as good. Lying face down reduces the efficiency of our brain from fluid and is therefore not recommended. Our bedtime time should be according to the melatonin hormone secreted by our brain. Although the melatonin hormone is active in the dark, it is secreted by the brain between 23.00 at night and 05.00 in the morning. It is very important for brain and body development. During these hours, we should be asleep in dark environments. The light intensity we are exposed to before sleep negatively affects our melatonin secretion. Therefore, we should avoid being under artificial light late at night. In fact, how many hours should we sleep that we can achieve by watching the melatonin hormone? We can answer the question in seven hours. We should devote this period of time, which is considered normal to go up to nine hours during adolescence, to our brains. In addition to these, if we cannot sleep at the required time for any reason, we should not go into our bed and turn left and right. The colder it is for our bed, the more convenient it will be for sleeping. In such a case, changing our sleeping place would be an appropriate solution.

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