Care Routines for Oily Skin

One of the most important steps for beautiful and healthy skin is a regular skin care. Every skin type needs special care. However, acne-prone and oily skin should pay extra attention to skin care compared to normal skin. Because oily skin types have a high sebum (oil) ratio in the skin. In this case, acne occurs on the skin. You can choose non-drying skin care products to prevent acne formation on the skin and balance the moisture level of the skin.

Developed and clinically tested for oily and acne-prone skin types La Roche Posay You can use the effaclar series. Effaclar is among the brands that are frequently preferred by those who use it. So let’s examine the products together…

Cleanse Skin with Effaclar Gel

The most important and basic step of skin care is to clean the skin deeply. It is a facial cleansing gel developed for oily and acne-prone skin. Gently cleans oil, dirt and make-up residues on the skin surface. Thanks to its special formula, it supports balancing the sebum (oil) level of the skin. Since it is prepared with advanced technology, it is compatible with the ph level of the skin. Apply to damp skin by massaging in circular motions and rinse with plenty of water.

Revitalize the Skin with Effaclar Tonic

Oily skin types should definitely purify and revitalize the skin with tonic after cleansing the skin. This is where Effaclar tonic comes into play! The tonic opens the clogged pores, helps tighten the skin and gives it a matte appearance. It aims to make the skin look smooth and revitalizes your skin.

Moisturize the Skin with Effaclar Duo

As with all skin types, acne-prone skin types are also very important to moisturize the skin. However, since oily skin types have a high sebum ratio, it is necessary to use the right moisturizer. At this point, you can try the La Roche Posay duo moisturizer in the effaclar series. Thanks to its special formula, it controls the oil level of the skin. While it makes the oily areas of the skin look more matte, it meets the moisture need of the dehydrated areas. It also helps to minimize skin imperfections.

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